• Companies & Businesses

    Companies & Businesses

    On all stages of your activity (financing, starting up, development, transfer), we advise you on the best legal solutions and help you implement them.

    Entrust your legal to us and focus on your business.

  • Contracts & Transactions

    Contracts & Transactions

    Contracts law has no secrets for us.

    An essential tool for every business, to be handled finely, we help you structure and organise your activities, secure your positions and react to breaches you may encounter in your commercial, civil, private or public agreements etc.

  • Products & Trade

    Products & Trade

    You conceive/produce / transform/sell a product?

    You have questions before, during or after these activities? Or yet a dispute with a partner, a competitor or the official services?

    We can assist and help you during all these steps.

  • Litigation & Others

    Litigation & Others

    Whatever your problem and whoever your opponent, we find you the solution and fight for it by your side.

    Each of our team members has a personal vocation, which he or she implements through law.

    Neli SOCHIRCA develops animal law in France and the EU, and tackles law of artificial intelligence.

Your question is not listed here? Give us a call or an email, we haven’t disclosed all our secrets.